The culinary buzzwords of 2014: Paleo, gin and tortas

Expect to see more of this dish, shakshuka, in 2014. (Ruth Kay/

Expect to see more of this dish, shakshuka, in 2014. (Ruth Kay/


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Fluke, sweetbreads, tortas and cemitas. Not familiar with these food terms? Soon you may be, if the predictions of influential food diviners come true next year.

In their annual trendspotting report, consultants at the New York-based Baum + Whiteman have curated a list of buzzwords and foods they predict will shape the culinary landscape in 2014.

Here's what foodies and gourmands can expect to find more of on menus next year:

- Boneless lamb neck
- Filipino food
- High-proof spirits
- Sweetbreads (offal)
- Buckwheat
- Fluke (a flatfish), octopus and trout
- Kale
- Cauliflower
- House-made fruit vinegars, vinaigrettes, cocktails
- Teres major (beef shoulder tender)
- High-priced vegetarian menus
- Beer and wine in fast-casual chains
- House-fermented foods
- New uses for pretzels
- Banh mi becomes mainstream and makes it onto Western menus
- Chicken skin
- Crackdown on food waste
- Year-round rosé wines
- Hipster Asian restaurants
- Gin, gin bars, gin and tonic bars
- Jewish fusion
- Coconut
- Mexican sandwiches (tortas and cemitas)
- Sweetened and flavored whiskeys
- Smoked, mapled, honeyed booze
- Made-to-order liquid nitro ice cream
- Jerusalem artichokes
- Paleo dieters
- Delivery of both high-priced and fast food
- Smartphone and tablet-enabled ordering and payment
- Shakshuka (eggs poached in tomato sauce, onions, pepper, chili, cumin popular in Israel and North Africa)
- Sorghum (sweetener)