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What are your best and worst Valentine's Day experiences?
Mon, January 30, 2012

It may be criticized as a greeting card holiday, but millions fete Valentine's Day every year - heck, we start celebrating in elementary school - and for some, it's an opportunity to not only show how much they care, but to find out if their sweetie is as special as they thought.

Just as precious Valentine's Day moments and presents are remembered, the not-so-great ones stick out, too.

What are your best and worst Valentine's Day gifts and dates? Check out some examples below and add share your experience.



"A guy gave me a basket of about 10 different kinds of my favourite candy. I'm not big on Valentine's Day but I thought it was sweet and showed he had been paying attention."


"A guy I had been dating for just a few weeks gave me a red leather-bound album for 'future memories' of our relationship. We didn't even have any pictures together yet."



"One time my boyfriend made dinner for me and I drank too many cocktails. He didn't drink as much and we ended up having a fight."

"I forgot it was Valentine's Day and my boyfriend was working so I went to dinner with my best guy friend. The restaurant brought us all these dishes for two and it was really awkward."


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A barbershop chapter was hired by a lady to sing a valentine to the personnel at her oncology clinic. The chapter read in the paper that she had passed away. They offered to give the fee back to the family but the family said no, go ahead with the valentine. The barbershop quartet sang to the nurses and doctors and reported that there wasn't a dry eye.
william ainsworth, 2012-02-29 10:53:47

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