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What was your worst date?
Wed, January 19, 2011

The search for Mr. or Ms. Right is certainly wrought with some bumps in the road - some of which may have daters wanting to take a U-turn.

No matter how often or infrequent a person may hit the social scene, it seems like just about everyone has had a bad dating experience - hey, we all can't marry our high school sweethearts!

Here are some of the worst we've heard of:

Big dreams, bad date

"It started with a chocolate milk at dinner, then came a conversation about how he was going to be the next big WWF wrestler. It ended with him giving me a protein bar as the 'end of the date' gift."

Not-so evolved

"I said 'yes' because this dude liked me so much I thought I had to give him a chance. I tuned out somewhere between his asking about my favorite movie and when he said he didn't believe in evolutionary theory."

Imaginary relationship

"I once dated a guy without even knowing it - and we still had a sour breakup. I met him through a friend and had coffee with him once. We didn't talk online, but he called me three or four times over the next few months to say he may be partying in the city where I worked and might give me a call to grab a drink.

The thought of staying in the city until 10 p.m. on the off-chance this guy would call me was ridiculous so I didn't take him up on it. After not seeing him for four months, I agreed to a coffee - what a mistake! He went on and on about how I "used him" while we were dating and "strung him along" - and that he had made up all that stuff about being in the city just to see me! I ended the fake relationship and real acquaintanceship right then and there. I found out later he told our mutual friend we were together."

Inbreeding - really?

"I met a girl online and she didn't have a pic. Described herself as 'taller with a few extra pounds.' Turned out she was almost 6-feet tall, about 350 pounds - and wore children's barrettes in her hair.

So I go on this date anyway because I'm not just gonna turn and run. We duck into a bar and before I'm finished one beer she's told me there is actually inbreeding in her family."

What was your worst date?

Let us know and we may include it in an upcoming package on


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Many years ago I joined a dating service. The women were not charged a fee and the men were guaranteed 7 dates. After my interview I received a phone call from this guy. I suggested meeting for a coffee and he picked me up in his truck. He stopped at a cemetery to gather empty beer bottles to cash in so that he could pay for the coffee. The guy was a decent person who had some bad luck in his life. I felt sorry for him but I wasn't in a place where I could help him. I wished him luck and we parted as friends.

Shirley, 2012-05-18 08:21:40

Hello. And Bye.
Denielderve, 2012-01-17 02:23:36

Worst Date. I was going out with a man I will call Paul. He asked me to lunch, but I had my young daughter. He insisted, it was alright to bring her. We ended up at a fancy restaurant. I choose a reasonable meal for myself and my daughter. He had top cost, plus desert and booze. At the end of the meal, he brought out a buy one get one coupon for his own meal, and didnt have enough to cover his drink or dessert (or a tip). It was my last date with this LEACH.
Kharli, 2011-12-08 05:15:49

When I was taking the city bus, I had the same bus driver daily. One day he asked me out...Sure. Well, he picked me up and went right to his house...Asked if I 'smoked' and opened his big tickle trunk, took out the biggest bong I had ever seen...First thing I thought..."I can't believe this guy drives me to school everyday?!" The date was literally an hour lol...I ran out so quick and oddly, I never saw him again?
P, 2011-11-30 10:01:29

I asked a woman out once, she didn't hesitate to say yes, took her out to a relatively ritzy place.

I thought things went well, pulling up to drop her off she said that's my husband, who was waiting for the car to pull up.

He said, thanks for showing my wife a good time. I was felt creeped out.
Paul, 2011-02-03 21:38:51

I made a coffee date with a lady to meetat Tim's. She shows up 20 minutes, late, 12 years older than her picture and 80 pounds heavier. Tells me she is so proud she had lost 40 pounds in the past year. She continues to tell me she had a bad rep on POF because she slept with every guy on the first date but had decided she wasn't going to do that anymore... Imagine my disappointment.
CUB, 2011-01-20 22:13:10

I was at music camp one summer when one of my fellow teachers asked me to a gathering all the teachers were going to after the first week ended.I thought wow!She played the flute very well and maybe she would show me how to hit the high notes.

Turns out the reason she played flute was because she was full of hot air.All she wanted to do was talk about Music and how she was going to be a star and the flute was her life..Nothing Happened...Camp sure sucked.
Rick, 2011-01-20 20:09:55

I moved to a small university town for my graduate degree at 23. A cute classmate asked me out and I was thrilled. What transpired?

He took me to a hillbilly tavern and gave me quarters ride the bucking bronco and when I declined, he suggested we go next door to another hillbilly tavern so I could take part in a wet t-shirt contest. His very drunk friends came in then and invited him to go out to play some mailbox baseball. They invited me, I said no (and realized that I should have reconsidered doing my master's in this dump). My date eagerly accepted and ditched me to go out with his drunk friends.

I called the police to report them as they were driving drunk in a friend's mom's truck.

Next week, I saw my date in one of our lectures. He was grumbling about having been stopped by the cops when they'd only had "5-6" beers each....then he said he'd love to take me out again.
Marlie, 2011-01-20 14:13:21

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