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Should same-sex partners be allowed to adopt?
Thu, January 21, 2010
A recent study indicated that children brought up by same-sex parents are as well-adjusted as their peers brought up by straight parents. Today in Canada, it is legal for same-sex partners to adopt children. Do you agree that this is right?


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no!! no!! no!!

this is just too sick Bullshit for me!!!

Bruce, 2011-06-09 21:47:28

STEPHAINE, 2011-02-02 16:12:27

I was raised in a very tumultuous home by a man and a woman. I would have much rather have grown up in a same sex marriage that was loving and caring than the one I grew up in!! Same sex couples should be able to adopt!!!
Jamie, 2011-01-22 22:22:39

I've seen a trend here and the women agree that this is morally acceptable, yet the men think not, like its some kind of sickness for two of the same sex to bring up a child! I agree with the latter just for the record.
andy, 2011-01-06 07:48:39

As a straight woman, find answers to this question absolutely repulsive. How DARE anyone think that their personal opinion on homosexuality can be the basis of what society has to live against? Whether or not a gay/lesbian couple adopts a child is NONE of your business, as it will not affect your life in the slightest.

As for the God comment someone made - your "God" has no place in anyone elses life but your own. Even he said "judge not let ye be judged" so think again next time when you want to put your sorry excuse for morals on someone else. Isn't your God supposed to love everyone? You might want to blow the dust off your bible and read through it (probably your first time doing so).

In conclusion - if anyone wants to have a baby badly enough (single mothers/fathers, gay, straight, transgendered, infertile couples) that they would jump through all the necessary hoops to adopt a child - I AM ALL FOR IT! There are too many children out there who need the love and support of a parental figure, (regardless of gender or sexual orientation) how dare you deny a child of the most basic, instinctive kind of family love?
Ashley, 2010-08-26 12:33:44

I believe that children can be raised with the same guidance, love, support, nuturing enviroment in same sex relationships, as they would be in traditional relationships and divorced relationships. I do not feel that it holds any baring on who is raising the child or children as long as all that the child requires is provided and that they recieve the love and support every child requires to be a productive member in society. Do we really need to keep labeling what families are suppose to be? It wasn't that long ago that it was frowned upon single parent families and how they would support their children and if you look around there are more single parent families now than two parent families. To raise children we as a society need to accept that there are many different kinds of families and that each family regardless of there social standing can provide and nuture their offspring.
Melissa, 2010-05-05 17:14:48

Why not, the institution of marriage is no longer a sacred one, it is disposable. Generation after generation have proved that a man and a woman do not insure a happy, safe and loving home.
Lisa, 2010-04-13 15:15:02

Absolutely! Because of the prejudice that is directed at them, homosexual parents try considerably harder than heterosexual parents. There is a very nice couple on my street with two children; they are active in the community, school and watch out for all the children on our street. Their children couldn't ask for better parents, and I think they will be much more secure and confident for having parents like them!
My2Cents, 2010-04-13 11:23:01

I should be surprised by some of the archaic thinking in this discussion but there will always be homophobes just like there will always be racists!

Some of these comments should have been filtered and not allowed to see the light of day.

If 2 adults regardless of their gender can raise a child and provide a loving and fulfilling life than I say there's not a single issue 'allowing' them to adopt. I use the word 'allowing' loosely as really it's a right not a privilege and people need to get that through their hard archaic heads!

A man and woman can reproduce but it doesn't necessarily mean they have ANY right doing so. There are so many cases of people having children just to get a couple extra $100 from welfare, or that abuse and molest their children etc.

A loving, stable, successful gay couple would raise a child 1000x better than a lot of straight couples that are popping out children left right a center.

Hate can be taught.. as can love. You do not need both a man and women in an intimate relationship to show what REAL love is and what companionship truly is.

Get off your high horses and join us in 2010 people!

Crystal, 2010-03-11 09:55:35

it is absolutely revolting and disgusting to think a child could be anywhere near one of these houses
disgusting, 2010-02-19 18:33:22

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