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Tricking Nature
Fri, July 3, 2009
New techniques (read about them here) allow for ovary transplants in healthy woman, opening up the possibility of older motherhood without fertility issues. Is it a good idea for the mother - and the child - to "trick" Nature in this way?


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Is it just me, or do other also think that if youre just going to abort a baby, at least their stem cells should be used to treat the living? although I dont agree with abortion its happening anyway so why not put it to good use?
Mya, 2009-10-19 12:27:30

Sharon, God is too busy not existing to care about test tube babies, birth control or abortions.
Craig Hansen, 2009-07-08 22:43:37

Any luddite that thinks we shouldn't support medical advances because "God doesn't want this" has two decisions to choose between: One, their deity caused this advance to come about; or two, they should throw away their computer other worldly comforts and go back to the life as laid out in their holy book.

The only issue is whether the mother is able to properly care for their child or if they are just out to set the new Guiness record. If they are able to give all of the love & energy their child needs, then have children. If you can't, it doesn't matter if you're 20, don't have kids.
parent, 2009-07-08 14:38:33

As a woman who is starting over later in life, I enjoy the fact that I may be able to still have children later in life. I don't feel the necessity to rush into anything to quickly because there are always options available.
Joanne, 2009-07-08 11:42:06

As the parent of two test-tube babies, I'm thankful for science's progress. I wouldn't have my wonderful family without it. I'd like to think my wife and I are very good parents, so I'd suggest that maybe Nature doesn't always get it right.
James, 2009-07-08 09:25:15

If the science and the medicine allow for it, why shouldn't people be allowed to have children whenever they want? The whole point of medical advances is to improve people's quality of life, and if these developments mean a woman can have a fulfilling career and a family, that certainly seems worth it.

Saying we shouldn't be doing this is like saying that we shouldn't be trying to cure cancer because it's unnatural.
Mature Mom, 2009-07-08 09:23:08

Jennifer, how could you be so selfish? What about the kids of these much older new mothers? It seems that no one is looking out for their best interests. Their parents will be one foot in the grave by the time they're in high school, and that's just not right. Nature has a reason for keeping mothers younger, and it's worked beautifully for ages. Who are we to challenge that?
Prince Harry, 2009-07-08 09:02:53

God doesn't approve of test tube babies, birth control or abortions. What makes anyone think He'd go for this either? It isn't just tricking nature, it's tricking God and He won't stand for it. Something bad will happen. You'll see.
Sharon, 2009-07-08 06:32:36

I think it's great, women who want children of their own should be able to, even if it means tricking mother nature!
Jennifer, 2009-07-08 01:39:14

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